Want that Dream Dorm Room? Sign Up for a Dorm Registry!

One of the best kept secrets of dorm life in 2014 is the rise of dorm room registries. We’ve all likely heard of wedding registries or baby registries but a new registry has hit the market and it’s now allowing college students to live large, in a manner of speaking.

In Canada, college students can develop their own registries at stores like TheBay.com and choose a variety of kitchen gadgets, bedding, and even electronics. Want your own espresso machine? How about a mattress cover because you aren’t sure about when the last time your dorm-supplied mattress was cleaned?

The Bay isn’t the only store getting into the dorm registry game. According to a recent article from Macleans.ca Wal-Mart has also launched its own “school supplies list” which parents and students can both look at. List the things you want and then have your parents or generous family and friends contribute if they want to.

Although the concept of a dorm registry is relatively new, it could be a great way to help defer the cost of being a college student, even if it’s just a few helpful gifts to get you started. If your friends and family are looking to help you on your new college adventure, why not direct them to your new dorm room registry? For a few extra dorm registry tips check out this infographic from Guys Gab.

Anatomy of a College Dorm

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