How to Survive the Freshman 15!

For many students, the fall semester will begin after Labor Day next week and with it, comes the schedule changes, the homework, and the lack of sleep. With all the new social events, your fluctuating schedule, and a possible part-time job to boot, a lot of students can fall victim to the dreaded Freshman 15.

Although the Freshman 15 was named after incoming freshmen who hit the cafeteria food a little too hard in their first year in college, the temptation to grab a quick bite is something most students learn to handle. It can be hard to handle at times as you scurry from class to class.

So how do you handle gaining the dreaded Freshman 15? With these quick easy steps:

  1. Know your dining hall! Remember that food pyramid from second grade? It still applies (with some recent changes) but try to keep your carbs and proteins balanced with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Stay active! University campuses can require a lot of walking. Keep this in mind as you will likely be walking across your campus several times a day, even if you don’t get a chance to hit the campus gym. You can also join a bunch of intramural sports teams. Stay active and make new friends!
  3. Balance your sleep schedule! This is key because your everyday schedule is going to change faster than you will expect. Remember to get enough sleep at night and eat your vitamins. Coffee is great but even drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated and energized too.

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