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If you think you are studying too hard and that college life is synonymous of no life, think again. Did you know that in 1961 students studied an average of 25 hours per week, while in 2011 the average dropped to 12-13 hours per week? Not to say more than 1/3 of the students who responded said they spend less than 5 hours per week studying. put together this great infographic with some stats over college life, showing that times have changed.

Not only students are spending less time with their books, it seems they are also enjoying student life like there’s no tomorrow. While students are spending only 12-13 hours per week studying, they are also spending 43 hours a week on socializing and entertainment. That explains all. It also might explain how 78-98% of college students surveyed admitted to cheating at some point during their college careers.

While it seems students are enjoying college life, they are also engaged on work activities, with over 51% of students joining the labor force. That’s probably a smart move, considering college students graduate with an average $23,700 debt. Checkout all these facts on the infographic below, presented by If you feel compelled, you may also try to find a part time job to help you manage your student budget. Check SproutHire part time job opportunities for college students at

A Day in the Life of a College Student
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