Student jobs on campus – the pros and cons of working on campus

Everybody knows that paying for tuition is not easy. Each year we read on the news headlines about spikes on tuition costs, and there is no forecast to change this scenario. Once graduated, students need to face high debts and time is ticking for them to pay it off. One good way to reduce the amount of debt once graduated is by working while attending college. There are several part time positions available on campus, and the student will have the chance not only to make some money, but also to be more activate in the community while boosting his/her resume.

From all the student jobs available on campus, which one is best suited for you? The Huffington Post shared a great article that will help guide you through the available student jobs that match your personality, as well as touch on the pros and cons about each of the positions and tips to help you succeed. From resident assistant, to peer tutor, receptionist, server or tour guide, which position is right for you? Find out more here.

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Student jobs on campus



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