Student Job Spotlight: Working at a University Library

As a university student, finding a job on campus can be a great way to create a great work/study balance in your everyday life. There are plenty of campus jobs that offer flexible schedules, from being a resident advisor, a lifeguard for your campus aquatic center, a bookstore employee, and even working as a library staff member.

In this week’s Student Jobs Spotlight, SproutHire is taking a look at students that work the circulation desk at MIT. Thanks to Pritee Tembhekar, a student blogger for the MIT Library, two students were profiled as they discussed their work schedules, what they liked about working in the school library, and the types of skills they had picked up on the job.

Although students who work at the MIT Library can choose from a variety of jobs including working the circulation desk, clerical work, and storage and special projects, your university library jobs may vary. However, be sure to take into account the close proximity of taking a student library job and how it can help you keep some extra cash in your pocket, even when you have midterms, term papers, and final projects due. For more information on this week’s Sprouthire Student Job Spotlight, check out the full post from MIT. Be sure to check out our daily job listing too and keep up to date with the SproutHire blog for helpful resume writing tips, job spotlights, and more!

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