How to make student life easier

How to make student life easier

College Resident Assistants are trained peer leaders who supervise those living in a residence hall so student life can be balanced and healthy. However, some students seem to perceive RA’s as enemies, the ones to bust parties and continuously remind students to keep the noise level down. The fact is: RA’s are students as well, and they can be a great resource for students living in dorms. With that in mind, RA’s shared a few tips to The Collegian, so student life can be easier and stress-free.

1 – Respect quiet time.

By respecting quiet time, students show awareness for their neighbors, which contributes towards a better living environment. Your neighbors might need time to rest and recuperate, and one day, you will need it too.

2- RA’s as a resource.

As students themselves, RA’s also have experience with going through problems during college, from feeling homesick to stress related issues. If you are experiencing difficulties, RA’s can be a great resource, as they go through intensive training in order to help solving any problems. If they can’t solve it, they might know who can.

3- RA’s are on your side.

Most important, know that RA’s are on your side and it is their responsibility to ensure residents are following the guidelines so everyone can enjoy a healthy environment and have a better student life.
If you want to learn more, read The Collegian’s original article, “What RA’s say they wish students knew“.

Photo by Hannah Hunsinger | The Collegian

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