How To Start a Career Plan

How To Start a Career Plan

As a student, you are likely balancing study time and a part-time job. But with such a busy schedule, how do you have time to think about future goals? You might not necessarily have a 5-year or 10-year plan ready to go but having some career goals and aspirations is a good start.

What sorts of goals should you have? Depending on the degree or class load you currently have, doing some research on jobs within industries you are interested in is always a great first step. Map out a way to get to a few dream jobs and see where you need to start. The best part about getting your career plan is that it helps keep you on track.

However, don’t feel like your career plan can’t be flexible. Fun fact, on average, every working individual goes through 5-6 career changes in their working life. That gives you a lot of opportunity to leapfrog across different industries and more importantly, use your work experience to your advantage!

With all this in mind, check out this great checklist from the writers at CareerPlanning on About.Com. As you get started, be sure to share some of your achievements with the community here at SproutHire as well!

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