How to Optimize Your Online Job Board Search

These days, plenty of job seekers start their search online. Narrowing down your job search is much more efficient with online job boards, social media, and online networking. As a student, your hiring network might need a bit of work but there are plenty of ways to kick start your online job search.

What’s the best way to get your online job search started? According to this infographic from and Jeff Dickey-Chasis of, active job seekers use a combination of online job boards, company career sites, and social media. As a student, cleaning up your social profiles, joining online communities on job boards, and asking for referrals online are great ways to start curating a strong job seeker profile. Online job boards are also a great way to find job-searching tips and resume writing help. You can also find specific job boards that post jobs for certain industries like restaurant or retail jobs, or even student jobs just like SproutHire.

Still, as a job seeker, sending out resume after resume and not getting a response is one of the highest sources of frustrations for job seekers. In fact, 71% of job seekers say that a lack of response is the most frustrating part of applying for jobs. With that in mind, be sure that you are properly applying for each job. This includes following all the instructions in each job posting:

  1. Make sure you are addressing your application to the right person
  2. Include a cover letter that is tailored to the job you are applying for
  3. Make sure your attachments are saved as PDFs, this will help eliminate formatting issues
  4. If you are applying through the employer’s job portal, make sure your internet connection won’t cut out while you are filling out all the information

For more information, check out the great infographic below:


What-does-job-seekers-want-in-2014 Infographic


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