Canadian Universities Release Apps for Students

Everywhere you turn on a college campus, students, teachers, and visitors are using technology. From smart phones to tablets, laptops to smart watches, technology is what ties us to our everyday life as we rush from class to class. Add in a rapidly expanding social calendar and a few crammed in study sessions and you’ve got a recipe for digital necessity.

With so much going on in the digital space, universities and colleges are jumping into the fray to help students. At McGill University in Montreal, Canada, a new app was recently launched to help students better navigate the University. Students can download the app onto any iOS or Google Android devices. What better way to help college students with their own campus needs than by interacting with them in their own digital sphere? And if you are a McGill student, check out the latest tech releases from your university!

These days, college students live and breathe technology and universities in Canada and across the globe are updating their student services to interact with them. What better way to make the most of your college student experience than by tapping into a full calendar of campus events all from the convenience of your phone?

With so many university students hitting campuses across Canada this week, let us know if your university or college has a helpful app for students.

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