Best Part-Time Student Jobs in Vancouver

Seeking part-time work as a high school or college student in Vancouver is a way to generate an income without disrupting classes or prior engagements. Some of the best part-time student jobs in Vancouver are available year-round depending on your skills, experience, and availability.

Working in Local Parks

Taking on a position in a local park throughout the Vancouver area is another way to earn an income while also maintaining your role as a student. Whether you prefer working in the busy area of Stanley Park, located in the bay area of Vancouver, or if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere suhc as Queen Elizabeth park in the heart of the town, there are multiple job positions opportunities to apply for part-time.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing positions are available in Vancouver for students who are at least 16 years of age. Working in sales often requires working in an office environment or from home. Having the ability to charm and converse with others is necessary to work in sales and marketing. Telemarketing is ideal if you are outgoing and willing to work odd hours with this part-time position.


If you are skilled in a specific subject, consider taking on the position of a part-time tutor. Local high schools and colleges often provide tutoring programs to enroll in if you are qualified and have the proper grades. It is also possible to tutor on your own locally for an hourly rate when you are not attending class. Tutors in Mathematics, Science, History, and other challenging subjects are highly sought-after. Computer programming, app development, and design skills are also great to obtain when tutoring other students.


Taking on an internship is another way to obtain a part-time position while gaining experience in a field you have a vested interest in. Before taking on an internship it is important to determine whether it is paid or unpaid. Unpaid internships are still helpful with college admissions and life experience, but may not provide any compensation for your time spent with the company or agency you are working under. Internship positions in fashion, design, programming, retail, and sales are available in Vancouver.

Co-Op Positions

Co-op positions are also a possibility when attending college as a student in Vancouver. Whether you are attending SFU, UBC, Capilano, Emily Carr, Douglas, Kwantlen, or Langara, seeking out co-op positions can help with boosting your career and future. Co-op positions and opportunities allow you to obtain jobs in fields and relevant industries that are streamlined with any degree you are working towards obtaining. Getting into a co-op program is ideal if you are seeking experience and college credit simultaneously while building a name for yourself professionally.

Seasonal Retail Work

Seasonal retail work is also another way to obtain a part-time work while building your experience in the workforce. Because retailers hire high school and college students part-time during busy times of the year, this is an ideal opportunity to get hours in without having to commit to a workplace permanently. Retail work requires patience and customer service skills which are necessary for success.

Freelancing Skills

Using your own skills can help to create your own part-time job in Vancouver. Whether you are a skilled designer, programmer, writer, or mobile app developer, you can find clients by visiting local businesses and building an online presence to promote your work and experience. Working freelance is a way to generate an income without a cap or limit.

Food Industry

Working in the food industry is another option when you are seeking part-time work that does not disrupt any classes you are taking. Whether you choose to work in a fast food establishment or as a waiter or waitress in a high-end restaurant, there are opportunities open year-round when working in the food industry part-time.

Finding a part-time position in Vancouver regardless of your schedule greatly depends on your skills and specific industries you are drawn towards. Comparing available positions year-round is possible with local listings as well as by using online communities to apply for jobs that are right for you.

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