5 Jobs for Busy Students

With the ballooning numbers of college tuition, student loan interest rates, and the general cost of living, students of both high school and college age are flocking to part-time jobs. But with schoolwork, extracurricular activities, internships (often unpaid), and a myriad of other obligations, finding a compatible job is, well, a job unto itself.

Kick back, relax, and check out these flexible jobs that pay you to possibly no longer kick back and relax.

Office Assistant

Consider stealing a behind-the-scenes peek on how a university runs and join one of their offices as an assistant. For college students, this is a superb way to get involved (and get paid by) their university.

Specific duties vary from office to office, but all office workers should expect to provide sterling customer service. You may corral professors, handle the needs of the students, and run errands for other administrators in the office. Practice your “telephone voice,” because you’re going to need it.

College offices are ideal because they’re in close physical proximity to both classes and dorms, and they also harbor adults paid to help students. They’re guaranteed to be schedule flexible.

School Store Clerk

High schools and colleges alike offer entry into the wonderful world of retail. Most, if not all, feature clothing stores, book stores, and convenience stores with many open shifts.

Like with the office assistant job, those working at the school store become more ingrained with the school community. Unlike the office job, this position usually affords an employee discount. Not only will this opportunity pay for different expenses, but it may also make those expenses, well, less expensive.

Dining Hall or Cafeteria Worker

For those who thrive on social interaction, love the kitchen, and practice quick thinking and improvisation will no doubt take to food service like a duck to duck soup.

As another “in-house” job, the cafeteria worker is certain to be flexible to class schedules and extracurricular activities. It also boasts an energetic atmosphere and further financial savings in the form of free food.

Few college or high school students can deny the allure of free food.

Mailroom Attendant

Yet another on-campus and student-friendly experience, this job is best suited for those who seek omnipotence.

A mailroom employee controls the school’s information. Sure, the information may not be legally readable, but at least it’s there. And it doesn’t make the employee any less powerful.

The job is also inherently more relaxed. When unexpected mail rushes are dealt with, a mailroom attendant can expect significant downtime to handle homework. With power and comfort, this job is fit for royalty.

Local Business Employee

Take a break from immediate university life and consider applying for jobs at nearby businesses.

These opportunities facilitate immersion in another culture or “world.” They allow students to explore the local neighborhood more than other campus-based positions would. More often than not, they also ensure the same scheduled flexibility since they depend on the student economy.

Working at an unaffiliated business also reduces the risk of awkward professor run-ins, and that’s a major perk by itself.

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