10 Student Jobs You Wish You Had

As a university student, you may be looking to get a part-time job for the upcoming semester. Maybe you are applying to be a barista at your campus coffee shop or you are looking to get a job in your campus bookstore. Your job search could also go beyond your campus as you apply for jobs that fit your school schedule. Wherever you end up working, there is always a chance that you will nab a job your friends will be jealous of.

When job searching keep your eyes peeled for interesting jobs that cater to an interest of yours, the results may surprise you. Here are a few example of great student jobs that offer good pay, flexible hours, and can even keep you fit and healthy.

- Surf instructor

- Tutoring (either for other college students or high school and elementary school students)

- Resident Assistant

- Theme park attendant

- House Sitter

And if you need a little inspiration on where to expand your college job search, check out these great student jobs from the UK’s Telegraph. You may not be the next Bath Tester but you may find a great job with some pretty awesome perks!

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